With more than 120 alpacas of Peruvian, Bolivian and Chilean origin, our breeding stock is diverse. We continue to introduce new genetics into the mix and are always striving for improvement. We have been breeding our alpacas for exquisite fibre characteristics, excellent conformation and pleasant dispositions and are extremely proud of our results to date. Alpacas from our breeding program have consistently placed in the winners circle at shows and sweepstakes. For all these reasons, our bloodlines truly represent the best that Canada has to offer.

At Mountain Meadows Ranch, we have both huacaya and suri alpacas. In size and structure, huacayas and suris are considered to be virtually the same animal, however, their fleeces are vastly different leading to their very distinctive appearances. We enjoy and appreciate the uniqueness of both types of alpacas.


Suris make up only 10% of the world’s alpaca population and suri fibre represents one of the rarest types of natural fibres available. Suri fibre grows parallel to the body, hanging down in curly ringlets. It is soft and slippery with a distinctly silky feel and an incredibly lustrous appearance. We are relatively new to suris, and are still learning about their extraordinary fibre too.

Huacaya fibres grow perpindicular to the body of the animal resulting in the full, dense and stocky appearance of a quality alpaca. The fleece has a soft and spongy like feel. The most noticeable characteristic of a good quality huacaya fleece is the presence of defined crimp along the entire length of the fibre and in the lock formation.




Rare Chilean Sandman

Over the years, we have fine tuned our llama herd into the ten top quality breeding females and three super stud males that we currently run. Even before it was popular, our preference was for tall, long necked and silky fleeced llamas. Through combining North American and Chilean bloodlines, that is what we have been breeding for and that is what we have. Our llamas are elegant, intelligent, and athletic and look majestic in our mountain meadows.