Texas Mountain Ranch

Mountains and deserts, California is amidst the best geographically different states in the country. At any one of abounding California dude ranches, guests can associate the ballocks of the Golden State that beautifully adverse the hustle and bustle of the aloft cities.

Many California dude ranches are animate beasts ranches that acquire existed for generations. Over the years, they’ve added beat amenities to babyish to guests adorable to associate activity on a beasts ranch. Some are luxurious, others are simple and unpolished. The “right” agronomical depends actually on what the associate is adorable for. The added rustic accommodation can board an authentic feel for ranching in the ancient days, while abounding resorts activity a mix of the old west with the allowance of achievement pampered.

At abounding California dude ranches, guests are encouraged to participate in the diplomacy of the ranch. Feeding livestock, roping cattle, and disposed horses all accede a aggregation to afresh associate the circadian activity of a cowboy. Family assembly preferring to watch from the sidelines are, of course, able to as well.

In accretion to horseback riding, the key aspect in all dude ranches, guests may accretion that fishing, swimming, golf and tennis are additionally available. Wagon rides, campfires, candid dances, and nightly brawl can accompany families calm in a safe and wholesome environment.

California has a accustomed history in ranching. That history can be credible and able on the acreage and acreage of California dude ranches that accept to beforehand today.

Dude ranches in Montana activity a feel for the Old West with as few or as abounding basal as a charlatan desires. There are “guest ranches” and “working ranches”, and aloofness is never an option. Horseback riding, abrupt haversack trips, wagon rides, beasts drives, and rodeos are apprenticed to entertain. Some Montana dude ranches akin activity the adventitious to go blade hunting! If that’s a little too abounding excitement, conceivably casting some horseshoes, and able by the acerbic pool? However you are abominable to blot a vacation, Montana dude ranches can board it.

Montana is declared “Big Sky Country” for a reason. You couldn’t accretion a added arresting ambient to ride a horse, fish, or camp. In any administering you look, there are all-embracing affluence views, avant-garde attainable spaces, and abject sky that stretches forever. Attending about and begin the acreage as Lewis and Clark already saw it. Then hop on a horse and see it how Montana’s cowboys still do.

Dude Agronomical Info provides informatino on dude ranches in Colorado, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, and California, and admonition on dude agronomical jobs

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Ranch in the Sequoias

Our Family Vacation in Sequoia National Forest

I can remember the day my family visited the R-Ranch in the Sequoias camp site. We were invited by a ‘owner’ to visit for a Thanksgiving weekend for free. This is one of the ‘sales pitch’ weekends where they treat you like kings and queens and then at end expect you to purchase a ‘Share’ in the property.

My parents were sick of time-shares and although we enjoyed our stay they were NOT interested in getting stuck in a time-share again.

This however was different [per my mum]- R-Ranch – is a group buying community and they exist all over the United States. One unique quality is that unlike time-shares, if room is available you can use the facility. You don’t have to use it just one week per year or however your particular time-share works.

R-ranch only requires you to leave the property after a 3 week stay – 10 days off – and then you are able if you would like [as long as there is available space] to return. *Rules and Regulations differ with each R-Ranch community*

A 16 year olds point of view

Where We Stayed:

Although this R-Ranch community has cabins, this particular weekend was quite crowded as it was Thanksgiving Weekend. We stayed in one of the nearly 100 trailers on the property at the time. This was the first time our family of 5 stayed in something like this and it was cramped. It had a wee bathroom, wee stove and a wee sink. The shower was quite an experience to maneuver.

Where We Ate:

At the time they had a working Restaurant on the property so we were able to eat in a cafeteria. Being in California we were able to eat our Thanksgiving Dinner on the outside patio. I think this is the main memory I have of this time – eating on the patio in the sunlight while my parents discussed the possibilities of investing in this community.

What We Did:

The R-Ranch in the Sequoias has a man-made pond filled with fish. They had paddle boats so my sisters took turns going out on the pond and chasing the Ranch ducks. We also took time to walk around the pond and feed the ducks. My sister was feeding a goose and got snipped by it – to this day when she thinks of R-Ranch she thinks of being snipped by that goose.

We also visited the horse ranch which houses ‘owners’ horses and took a small trail ride. Later in the evening we visited the entertainment center aka Barn where we watched folks dance to the live band. My sisters and I also explored the youth center where they had a television which was used to watch videos. We played pool, a couple of board games and the pinball machines.

Sequoia – Big Tree

Have You Visited the Big Trees? – Sequoia Red Wood Trees in California

The Redwood trees in Sequoia are some of my favorite natural wonders. I have many childhood memories of these trees as each summer my family visited either Yosemite National Park or Sequoia National Park.

I think that it is was these regular visits to this area of California that impacted my parents final decision in investing in the R-ranch in Sequoias community.

R-Ranch Revisited 2009 – A return to What is Good

My last visit to the R-ranch was really a retreat. It was just after my husband was laid off and it was a needed break for my worried brain. I was blessed to go with my Mum and her friend.

This photo is actually not in R-ranch but at the back of a Steak Restaurant just down the hill from the ranch. The Kern River is just under us and the bridge leads to the camping area.

Cabin Adoptions

Owners take pride in the ranch by adopting a cabin to decorate and love. Most furniture, decorations, appliances, pots and pans etc.. are provided by these Adoptive owners.

Cheryls Diner – small family owned restaurant in Kern Valley – winner of the 2010 – 2011 Small Business Award.

McNally’s Fairview Lodge and Restaurant – the steak house we visited on my last visit to the ranch in 2009.

White Water Voyages – 11252 Kernville Road

Lake Isabella – boating, wind surfing, fishing and a multitude of other outdoor activities.

Antique Shopping in Kernville

Kernville Museum

Silver city Ghost Town

Trail of 100 Giants – short hiking trail

Native American Cultural Center – Farmers market on the weekends

Cowboy Memorial

Kern River Preserve

Fishing Derby – Yearly event with cash prizes

The Fish Hatchery – visited this when we were young

Sequoia National Forest – Detailed Map of Camp Sites as well as Hiking Trails

Places to Visit Nearby

Kern River – Originates in the High Sierra near Mount Whitney – Activities Available – camping, picnicing, fishing, rafting and kayaking.

Cannell Meadow Cabin – this is an early ranger station in Kernville build in 1907. It served as the base for forest rangers who patrolled the area to prevent forest fires.

Lake Isabella – this is the largest reservoir in Southern California covering more than 17 square miles. Offers fishing, boating, water skiing, camping and picnicing. Lake Isabella is not just for recreation as it provides water for irrigation, hydroelectric power and flood control.

Welcome to the Land of the Giants – Map of Tulare County and the Surrounding Sequoia Region

Johnsondale is circled on the map – this is now the location of R-Ranch in the Sequoias. If you follow the map from Johnsondale South, you will located Kernville and Lake Isabella.

Kern River Fish Hatchery

Located One Mile North of Kernville

We visited this Fish Hatchery on one occasion while visiting the ranch. It is located just one mile north of Kernville at 14400 Sierra Way [Mountain HWY 99] across the road from Camp Erwin Owen.

Did you know that the State Fish of California is the Golden Trout? I didn’t even know we had a State Trout.

Originally built in 1928 buy the Kern County Fish and Protective Game Association. The water supply for the hatchery comes directly from the Kern River.

The state of California raises 8 different strains of rainbow trout and these fish are planted in the Kern and Tule Rivers every week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

This fish hatchery has Llamas which belong to a retired fishery biologist and are used to carry equipment into the Golden Trout Wilderness Area. Each are able to carry 100 pounds which is about 1/3 of their body weight.

There is a Totem pole on the site which was designed and carved by the Kern Valley High School students in 1996 as part of the JTPA [Job Training Partnership Act]. The students carved a grizzly bear, tortoise, quail and golden trout.

More Information About R-Ranch – in the Sequoias

These links take you to the R-Ranch in the Sequoias website and explain in more detail each amenity available on the Ranch.

R-Town Center
This area includes the General Store, The Restaurant and the Dance hall – previously called the ‘Barn’ by me.

A photo gallery of all the cabins available on the ranch. – Grizzley Hill – Loggers Hill – Main Street – Stone Street – School Street – Skunk Hallow – Employee Housing

The Stables at the ranch house horses owned by owners. I’m not sure if R-ranch owns any of the horses or if employees board their horses – Each ranch has it’s own policy on boarding horses. The ranch has a hired Stable hand which is also the man/wo

Map of R-ranch
Includes the whole property with cabins, trailer storage, and community buildings. R-Ranch Sequoia has a working fire station on the property which proved to be valuable to the ranch when the area had a series of fires in the 90’s.


Looking to Invest?

If you are interested in purchasing a share in the R-Ranch in the Sequoias community visit Wesley Walton – Board President for more information.

Copyright Information

All photos and writing are copyright Sara Duggan aka Momwithahook. I do not work for or represent r-ranch properties and the information I present here is my opinion only based on my experience as a child of a shareholder.

For detailed information about R-ranch in the Sequoias visit their website http://rranch.org.

article sourced http://hubpages.com/travel/r-ranch-in-the-sequoias


With more than 120 alpacas of Peruvian, Bolivian and Chilean origin, our breeding stock is diverse. We continue to introduce new genetics into the mix and are always striving for improvement. We have been breeding our alpacas for exquisite fibre characteristics, excellent conformation and pleasant dispositions and are extremely proud of our results to date. Alpacas from our breeding program have consistently placed in the winners circle at shows and sweepstakes. For all these reasons, our bloodlines truly represent the best that Canada has to offer.

At Mountain Meadows Ranch, we have both huacaya and suri alpacas. In size and structure, huacayas and suris are considered to be virtually the same animal, however, their fleeces are vastly different leading to their very distinctive appearances. We enjoy and appreciate the uniqueness of both types of alpacas.


Suris make up only 10% of the world’s alpaca population and suri fibre represents one of the rarest types of natural fibres available. Suri fibre grows parallel to the body, hanging down in curly ringlets. It is soft and slippery with a distinctly silky feel and an incredibly lustrous appearance. We are relatively new to suris, and are still learning about their extraordinary fibre too.

Huacaya fibres grow perpindicular to the body of the animal resulting in the full, dense and stocky appearance of a quality alpaca. The fleece has a soft and spongy like feel. The most noticeable characteristic of a good quality huacaya fleece is the presence of defined crimp along the entire length of the fibre and in the lock formation.




Rare Chilean Sandman

Over the years, we have fine tuned our llama herd into the ten top quality breeding females and three super stud males that we currently run. Even before it was popular, our preference was for tall, long necked and silky fleeced llamas. Through combining North American and Chilean bloodlines, that is what we have been breeding for and that is what we have. Our llamas are elegant, intelligent, and athletic and look majestic in our mountain meadows.